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  • Graduated from The Chinese University of Hong Kong


"Stay hungry, Stay foolish. "


I graduated from The Chinese University of Hong Kong a few years ago.  I used to be a tutor before I joined Eternity.  I am tired of the daily routine work and willing to change my career as a new tutor to help people facing financial questions.  When I first met Eternity, it was touching how my manager told me to guide people with an empathetic heart.  Eternity equipped me to help my clients face many unknowns in their future, especially in the financial field.  I feel the joy in the success of helping and guiding my clients in the right way to manage their wealth and having a bright future with no worries in their economy.  The professions we have and with an understanding heart build an eternal beauty.  Besides, team spirit is what I have learned in Eternity — sharing difficulties and happiness with my colleagues are the most precious things in my team. 


Stay hungry because it motivates you to learn, and stay foolish because you never know what will happen next.

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